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Psoriasis is a very complex systemic immune disorder. For many people the primary manifestation of psoriasis is in their skin. For others it may present as painful and debilitating arthritis and tendinitis. It has recently been discovered that there are other systemic manifestations of psoriasis including increased risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease. People with psoriasis suffer greatly from their illness both physically and psychologically. There is a large variety of treatments for psoriasis. Many people now have increased awareness of the condition as a result of all the new medications on the market.. Although these medications are very effective, there are side effects to many of them – most notably some degree of immunosuppression – predisposing people to higher infection risk and in some cases cancers. In many people, these medications are clearly worth the risk. In others, older treatments such as methotrexate, phototherapy, or topical medications may be helpful. The field of psoriasis and its treatment options are rapidly expanding. We administer many treatments for psoriasis therapy, but do not have a phototherapy unit. The best up to date resource for psoriasis is the National Psoriasis Foundation, which includes a list of providers with particular interest in the treatment of psoriasis and those who have phototherapy centers.



Close look at psoriasis
Psoriasis on a patient's neck
Psoriasis on a patient's elbow
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