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Billing/Insurance FAQs

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Billing/Insurance FAQs

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Billing/Insurance FAQs

If your plan requires a referral for specialist office visits, please obtain one prior to your scheduled appointment. If you do not have a referral at the time of your visit, you will be asked to reschedule your appointment or to sign a waiver stating you understand you will be financially responsible for the bill.

If your insurance plan requires co-pays for office visits, it will be collected prior to your scheduled appointment.

Payment in full for cosmetic procedures performed in the office is due at the time of the procedure. We will not bill and will not accept post dated checks. Removal of skin tags or seborrheic keratosis, which were previously covered by insurance, are now deemed not medically necessary and will be considered an out of pocket charge.

As of this time we have no way of knowing what someone’s deductible is. Procedures tend to be expensive (freezing, biopsies). If you have a high deductible and would like something removed, you might want to check to see if your deductible has been met or how much you would be responsible for if you have a procedure done, prior to your visit. We cannot discount services you receive if you have a deductible. We are contracted with insurance companies to bill the full amount we would bill to any insurance company.

Due to the constant changes in our healthcare system today, many insurance providers are now charging additional co-pays or co-insurance amounts for any in office procedures that are performed. This includes but is not limited to skin biopsies, freezing (including warts and pre-cancerous spots etc.) and skin cancer surgeries. If you have any questions regarding these changes please contact your insurance provider for further clarification.

Please be advised that we use DermPath Labs for pathology and Quest Labs or LabCorp for bloodwork. However, if your insurance is lab specific for another lab, we ask that you tell our staff prior to any services to avoid any unnecessary costs to you.

We accept most insurances including Medicare, but not Medical Assistance. Please call to confirm that we participate in your plan.

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